I’m back. Sort of.

After many months, hm7.moe is back!

A little bit of backstory:

Earlier this year, the server on which this site was hosted failed. Backups were corrupted too. A few weeks later, Turion 64 guy has contacted me and offered help as he had a copy of my PSP repository. The repository was brought back up rather quickly.

The main website, however, was a completely different story as no backups existed. In the end, I imported images and posts from archive.org.

Some data was not imported, notably:

    • comments
    • Danganronpa ISO files

I find my SDR releases to have little to no use as they are obsolete at this point and never got past the point of Class Trials. If you came here looking for SDR, I’d suggest searching for releases by the The Porting Dude.

Update: I was able to find an old export file from last year so I imported all the comments.

That’s pretty much it, not sure what for (if anything) I will use this blog later on.

Check out my PSP software collection here and PS VITA here!