Porting an SDR translation: The Tools

A while back I was asked by a fellow developer to provide the tools that I’ve used for this project so that they could use them in their own project. They were translating SDR2 to Portuguese for the PSP.

I’ve decided to write a series of posts detailing the work on translating a Danganronpa game or porting an existing translation for playing on the PSP. In this first post, I’ll explain how to extract language files from the PSVita version and copy them over to the PSP version. Let’s start with the prerequisites:

  • PSVita English version of SDR2. We’ll only need the Dr_us.cpk file. Get it from wherever you like. My favorite place is the NPS. In case you’ve got a VPK, you can extract it using this tool.
  • PSP Japanese version of SDR2. An obvious requirement will be our base for the port. Like the PSVita version, get it from wherever you like. I downloaded mine from the CDRomance.
  • CPK toolkit. CPK is the compression format used for many PSP/PSVita games. Get it here.
  • DRAT tool. Needed to do the actual translation, won’t be covered in this post, maybe in a later one. Get it here or from the GitHub
  • PPSSPP. To test the game. Download it here.
  • UMDGen. Not needed for testing but you’ll need it if you ever want to distribute the game. Download it here.

Now that you’ve got the tools, let’s get to the actual porting. First, extract the Dr_us.cpk file from the PSVita version using the CPK toolkit. It may take a bit:

Do the same with the Data01.cpk file from the PSP version.

Do some modifications. This is out of the scope of this post, might be detailed in another post. Files in script folders contain actual language lines, either in .lin or .pak formats. You may use the DRAT tool to tinker with those.

Then copy all files from PSVita’s extracted Dr2/data/us/script to the jp/script folder of the PSP. Overwrite existing files:

Once the modifications are done, create a new cpk file and move it in place of the original Data01.cpk thus replacing it:

Once that’s done, you may test the game in PPSSPP to see if it runs as expected. Here you can see a comparison of the original Japanese version and the English port:

Of course, it doesn’t run very well and more tinkering would be needed. For example, the Japanese PSP version has a hard-coded character limit so the EBOOT.BIN file would need to be modified, and fonts need modifications too.

If you want to distribute the game, you may want to create an ISO file. It’s pretty straightforward using the UMDGen tool:

Further steps for modifications will be detailed in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

100% completed Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair save file for PSP

Since I’m no longer actively working on this project anymore and the chance that Class Trials will ever be fixed is very low, I’ve decided to release a 100% completed Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair save file for PSP. This makes most of the game playable (Class Trials are notable exceptions, so is Island Mode).

You can download the save file here

Converting movies to play on PSP

A few people have asked me to help them put movies onto PSP, so here is a guide. Since PSP cannot play the kind of movies you’d download from the internet, you have to convert them first

The easiest way to do so is by using FFMPEG, simply execute the following command:

ffmpeg -y -i INPUTFILE -flags +bitexact -vcodec libx264 -profile:v baseline -level 3.0 -s 480x272 -r 29.97 -b:v 384k -acodec aac -b:a 96k -ar 48000 -f psp -strict -2 OUTPUTFILE.MP4

If you want to, you can generate a thumbnail as well:

ffmpeg -i INPUTFILE -f image2 -ss 5 -vframes 1 -s 160x120 OUTPUTFILE.THM

That’s it. Now simply put the file(s) to your VIDEO folder and enjoy!

Got this mint condition PSP – 2004 Ice Silver for 15€

I already had a few PSPs but simply could not resist getting this one. Fully boxed, with 4GB MSP card, manuals and two games.

Seems little used, original receipt was in the box so I know that it was bought on 14th of June, 2009. The system itself cost 188€, MSP card 25€, Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Monster 30€ and Ape Academy 2 45€.

Memory card had a few saves, last dating 2011. Battery, of course, completely bloated and dead. Running OFW 4.05 I intend to keep it as an open-box collectible as

2000 is my personal favorite (some people complain about screen ghosting, but I rarely notice that and don’t like scanlines of 3000)