Danganronpa 2 PSP English translation

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The goal is to back port English translation from PS Vita to PSP

So far the game sorta works, need to solve the limit of 28 characters, translate the menu and fix other issues.

The progress is very very slow

You can download the development version here

Finally some screenshots

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  1. Hey yo i been looking for dagaronpa 2 but you need to fix the buttons because i can click on any thing or character ill speard the word on the iso download

  2. Is it finished? If its not i hope you dont give up, i have been waiting for this so long. U can do it dude πŸ™‚

      1. Please waiting for this please make my dreams come true i can’t afford psp vita i want to play this game for so so long

        I love you hope you finished the translation

        Always take care
        Love you from phillipines!!

    1. The translation is ported from PS Vita, so the whole game could be considered finished, however, there are still plenty of bugs πŸ˜‰

  3. I hope you finished this i can’t afford ps vita and we are waiting for the english version of this game

    Please make our wish cometrue we love you from philippines

  4. I really appreciate your hard work and i hope that you will tell us in the comment section when it becomes perfectly fine to play . I will be checking every now and then.once again thank you very much .

  5. My native language is not English, so I apologize if I make mistakes writing this. First of all, thank you for the work you are doing, since you do it nonprofit and share it. I would like to know if at least the story mode can be played in an understandable way, or is there some part where the game becomes impossible to play because of a bug, glitch, error or whatever? able you are busy and can not answer immediately, but I will appreciate if you take your time answering when you can, thanks.

      1. Hello hm7 love you!! I really really apriciate your hard work u know im very happy because there someone continue this english translation of this game i very very thankful from the bottom of my heart! Hm7 ??

        We love you from philippines!!!

  6. hey jw if u managed to get the trial workin like i coukd do further testing for u if u have a version ur working on

  7. Need any help bro? I mean I can help, maybe, I just realy want to play the game, if i cant help, i can only say is goodluck to you, i will be looking forward to this project and I may even pay you ?

  8. I want to help you very very badly but i don’t have knowledge about that can someone there can help hm7! Or how much i pay ?

      1. Kudos to you for not abandoning this project. There are so many translation projects that get abandoned even with multiple people working on them. From what I understand you’re doing this solo, right? That makes this even more impressive.

      1. You’re my lifesaver. I wanted to find a PSP Iso for SDR2 but I never found it, until now. Thank you for your hard work!

          1. I think it’s because it shows a ‘?’ sign on the disc image. That’s probably why it shows that error. Do you know any solution? Any reply would be appreciated. πŸ™‚

  9. im stuck at that hangman gambit minigame in the first trial.
    non of the bubbles and choices seem to work.
    is that just a bug or??
    and so far the game is pretty fun thanks for doing all the effort in fixing it (*Β΄βˆ‡ο½€*)

  10. Hey there, I just saw this site today and I just want to cheer you up. Don’t give up on translating and fixing Danganronpa 2. Thank you so much for the hardwork you’ve been doing. I can’t afford to buy PS Vita and its been years I’ve been looking forward to the translation.

  11. Hey its great to hear someone is making the translated ver. Of the second game and thank you for doing this. So uh whats the percentage of the progress on the translation?

    1. I don’t do translations, I port them from Vita and PC so I would say everything is ported. Yet you can’t do the class trials as of now, sadly

  12. Hey! I appreciate your work a lot and I have some questions If you don’t mind.

    1. What CAN you do in the game currently?
    2. How much is the game translated as of now?
    3. Could you think of a fixed date for releasing a stable Patch?(with class triale, rebuttals, debates, etc.)

    Again, I appreciate your work a lot and never give up. I look forward to seeing the progress! ❀

    1. 1. You can walk around and play everything up to the first class trial
      2. The whole game is translated, yet not all is playable, the main problems are with binaries, not the scripts (hard to get the mini pet game working and the class trials too)
      3. I am working hard to get the class trials working and they should be playable this August I think. Yet the full game with no glitches is to be releases sometime in December or even January 2020.
      Thank you for you support!

      1. Omfg ily so much I’ll always support you! Can’t wait for the playable release in August!


  13. Hello. I just came across to this page. Amazing job hm7, i truly respect your hard work to translate this game. I’m looking forward to play the full game. And maybe if i have some money, i will donated you! Who knows.
    Keep the good work

  14. Hello! I still have some unanswered questions, also sorry if I keep bugging you;;;;

    1. If this game will be downloaded to ppsspp, how can you play the rebuttal showdowns? (same goes for psp.)
    2. Is the game dubbed in Japanese or English?
    3. Do you have a discord account? I would love to help in any way I can. πŸ™‚

    I really am interested in the progress of this and I hope for the bottom of my heart that you won’t give up.


    1. 1. Everything should work the same way as in original Japanese PSP, if it doesn’t, it could be a bug
      2. I did not port any voicing yet, so as of now it should be in Japanese
      3. I don’t

      1. Yes but, what I meant by rebuttal showdowns I mean how do you “slice” their arguments?

        (If there’s a certain combo for psp I’ll just figure it out on the emulator as well.)

        ***I suppose using βˆ† draws the Truth Blade and counters their lie, right?***

        I also downloaded the game and I feel like the game is somewhat stable, even though I’m curious to see what’ll happen when I’ll get to the class trial.

        Well then, with all that said, I wish you a good night, it’s 3am here xd

        1. Yes, the triangle should do it, however it *may* be the circle as I’ve had some buttons being mixed up due to wrong layout from Vita

  15. Still waiting for english full translation with no bugs love you from singapore

    I want to support you


    1. A full translation with no bugs? That’s a lot to ask for from even a professional team, depending on what you mean by no bugs. Virtually every piece of software has bugs or some code that can mess up given the right circumstances. As far as I know, this backport job is all being done by one person. We’ll be lucky if it gets 100% translated *with* bugs.

  16. Is there a new update? I can’t understand the menu and the rules. 😭😭 Thank you for the english subs though.

  17. Please finish this project don’t abondoned it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. Ps I was able to get past 1st trial I was using a guide . Psps my game keeps seeing this alot 3lines horizontally. Also in all trial minigames the text is just 3lines sometimes I find a t but not really. U can do it I know you can

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