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EDIT 04/27/19: It seems that for most people Class Trials still don’t work as expected and the previous release worked better

Finally a new release! I implemented a few fixes and class trials are, at least partly, working. Class trials worked to me on PPSSPP, but didn’t work on a real PSP, I am currently investigating this issue and, I think, you can expect a release with fully working class trials this June or July. For the time being, I am releasing this, with many fixes, even tho the trials are not fully working yet.

I would like to thank everyone for their support. Also, Wrecked Studio from YouTube, you are a piece of garbage for stealing my work and presenting as your own.

You can download the new release here

17 thoughts on “New release”

    1. I am not sure to be honest, a lot of testing is needed. Some things are still not translated, and it may be buggy, but I am working on it!

  1. I’ve got a favour to ask, does anyone have a PPSSPP save from after the 2nd trial they could share? I started playing on the pc, but honestly playing on the go sounds way more appealing.
    To be specific I stopped playing short after the existence of despair disease was revealed. Thanks for any help in advance!

  2. Guys, you all can check on gbatemp which I’m helping by the way and sharing my savedatas to this project, so anyone can test it. Just give me some time and I’ll be giving feedback about it there.

    1. Thanks for testing! Downloading attachments from GBATemp requires having an account. Would you be okay with me putting your savedatas on the website?

      1. Late reply, but you can do what you want with the savedatas, since I’m making them for testing purposes. By the way, I tested it a bit and I’ll feedback on gbatemp.

          1. Class trails still aren’t working . And this time even truth bullets don’t appear 😍😥😫

          2. Thanks. Are you using PPSSPP or a real PSP? I am pretty I had tracked down the issue so another new release might come soon

  3. Hey man you Are doing a great job,
    But i must Tell you that when the first non stop debate start the truth bullet doesn’t show up, and the PPSSPP stop working.
    I’m spanish so i don’t speak English very well xd

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