April 2020 Release

Hi everyone,

I had some free time lately and decided to try some new bug fixes, so here is a new release. I did not test it extensively, so let me know what works and what doesn’t.

You can download the new release here

35 thoughts on “April 2020 Release”

      1. I’m happy you didn’t give up that shows true determination and you deserve so much more respect

      2. The 5th trial has a bug were it doesn’t get pass the first thing hajime says in the thing that you shoot bullets at yellow text (I forgot what it’s called)! It just goes straight back to the beginning! Can you try to fix that problem so I can get pass that part to test everything and/or have a portable version of the game

    1. I will provide a save file one I get it so we’ll see what works if we can force ourselves past the trial

  1. Everything else before the class trial worked without any issue and there weren’t any untranslated texts in the free time dialogues from what I can see

    I haven’t checked all of them though

    Everything past the trial will hopefully work

    I haven’t checked any non-patched ISOs maybe the class trial works on those?

  2. So, i was doing a little research and i found this


    It’s basically the incomplete hex editor for the PSP version Super Danganronpa 2

    It is incomplete and doesn’t work well,but if you manage to somehow finish this i think that will save some time

    And if you wonder this scrip editor was provided by one of the guys that worked on the unofficial translation for Danganronpa 1 on PSP (Yes,the Zetsbou Translation Group)

    1. I’ll check that out, thanks!
      Porting is not all that hard but implementing features that work differently between platforms (e.g. Class Trials) is hard

  3. Ok,so i’m still testing this build and so far it’s great,it fixed so many games that the previous release had.

    But i have i question,do you know some way to fix the framerate/slowdown from the game? ,im using PPSSPP for Android,and even if my smartphone has a Snapdragon 430,i thought that that there’s still a way to solve this problem.

    1. I’ve never experienced any issues with PPSSPP myself, so it might be your phone that’s causing problems

  4. I’m so glad you haven’t given up Hm7! I hope the class trial issues can be fixed somehow, but nonetheless you’ve done a really good job so far so thank you!

  5. I don’t know if ir’s only me, but, I’m playing this version on my PSP 3000 and some names does not display properly, characters name are fine but objects from the scenery are with the first letter appearing normally with a bunch of question marks in front of it, one example is the Hotel’s Old Building, It appear as H????’? O?? B???????. Idk if has something to do with the PSP default language that i’m using Brazilian-portuguese or anything

  6. So because of the guy who helped translate the menu you took down that release and this one doesn’t have the menus translated? Oof lol

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