Alpha 1 released!

The first alpha version is now released. The whole game should be playable. Menu are currently not translated. Any help appreciated. You can download the release here.

6 thoughts on “Alpha 1 released!”

  1. So as i said i would on reddit i gave it a go, in terms of the translation everything worked fine. First off i wouldn’t really say that the game is fully playable since the class trials don’t work. Furthermore the characters names should be displayed with the first names since thats what the translation uses, in addition during normal 1on1 dialouge the full name should be displayed. Outside of that i ran into some occasional crashes but those could just have been emulation errors but figured it was worthwhile to mention either way. Im happy to see that someone is doing this though since i think its important to have this version of the game accessible to international audiences. I’ll be sure to try out the next version aswell when that releases.

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