9 thoughts on “Some missing translations fixed”

  1. I cannot use the X to investigate (normal and abnormal days) around. Basically I am at the beginning, when you have to talk to Komaeda, and I can’t do nothing but look around. I cannot check the waves, nothing. When I press START to check the controls (in the lower left corner it says “X to CLOSE” it doesn’t work neither.

  2. When you press O, it tries to take me out of the beach (where it says you should explore around a bit longer). The problem is related to the target not reacting to neither Komaeda, nor the palm tree, the waves, the camera or the broadcast screen. You know, when you hover the target (The yellow circle aim to select what to investigate), it stays the same. It only moves normally, but doesn’t react to items, and the X button does nothing ingame (but it works in the main menu, in the intro and conversation. There the X button worked to scroll the text). I don’t know what can be the problem :/

  3. After unpacking my old psp, I saw it worked. I played with the settings and managed to make it work now. I do have a random glimpse of the japanese text, but clicking on the screen reveals the translation. Weird :|. Anyway, I made it work now, so I’m so sorry for the trouble! Thanks for the translation and for the help!

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