Danganronpa port is not abandoned

The project is not dead, do not worry. I’ve had a lot of work these weeks so I couldn’t make any significant progress.

A new release will probably come out mid-November.

Stay tuned

15 thoughts on “Danganronpa port is not abandoned”

  1. I found a bug. When I want to become acquainted with characters like Peko or Chiaki, cursor behaves like that they are absent. And I can’t escape from hotel because I need introduce myself to him.

  2. i hope you have been doing okay with how you said you busy you are, alot of people are really looking forward to this!

  3. I played this on PPSSPP and everything worked fine. I didn’t find anything which was out of place. I will be sure to let you know if something does happen but thanks a lot for doing this.

  4. I found everything fine until the class trials. The texts are still in Japanese and it is a little buggy during the class trials. Again, take all the time you need since we can understand that you’d also have to deal with your own stuff.

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