Regarding the Danganronpa 2 port and this website

I been receiving a lot of support for a while and would like to thank you all for that. Regarding the project, sadly there is not much new to show, I am very busy in real life. While I continue working on the project, I have not done anything significant. I really hope to finish the project one day, so stay tuned!

The domain will be changed some time soon to, as I feel this domain fits the ideas better than the current on. A separate download server is also coming to make downloads faster. Those changes are expected to be seamless and you should not notice them

41 thoughts on “Regarding the Danganronpa 2 port and this website”

  1. It’s okay, take your time. I’m looking foward to try the next release as I did with the previous ones. Thank you for doing this! (sorry for my English, I’m from Argentina :P)

  2. Hello~

    I’m so glad that you took it upon yourself to translate danganronpa 2 for us all. Thank you so much!

    I volunteer myself as tribute (to test)!

    I’ll try to be as thorough as I can to help you find those bugs~

    1. Thanks for help 🙂
      Currently there are a lot of issues, mostly with class trials, otherwise the translation port is fine. I hope to get all the issues fixed once I have more time. Sadly, no estimate when I will be able to do so yet

  3. You’re doing a great job sir . looking forward to this .it would be great if you upload newer version with all minor improvements you’ve done ever since Alpha release

  4. Played through everything i could this weekend, you did a very great job with it! Still some bugs here and there but nothing too bad. I look forward to you finishing this, thanks very much.

  5. Hello I hope everything is going alright with your project and life, also for the others please explain the actual bug instead of saying you got one, it prevents others from comparing

    1. Though currently I have a bug where on the first discussion Hajime just says Why Byakuya body while the intro plays, it keeps repeating like that lol

        1. your welcome! perhaps it helps to know im running this on the Street version of the PSP, besides that i only had one crash when exiting the pet minigame but besides that its perfect

    1. Every comment helps to notice problems, so please continue ☺
      I will check the problem as I said
      Currently I plan on releasing another version pased on PC version, so it may have this bug fixed

        1. I switched to working on PC version rather than PS Vita as it has files packed the way they are easier to unpack. Since I had to re pack everything for PSP, and the issue may be because of packing issue, re packed version may not have it

          1. Oh wow lucky that the files are usable that way! I wonder have you checked the discontinued fan translation of the team that translated DR1 for the psp? Also Goodluck with that!

          2. I had, but it wasn’t all that useful. The main idea here is to port the translation, rather than translate it myself

  6. Oh yeah I knew that haha, but if they were able to make the trial succesful in that one in English maybe they found out something to fix that bug we talked about before? Or I just don’t know haha, just trying to asisst the best way I can

  7. Hi thank you for making this ^-^ and im super looking forward to it. But i do found that one bug one the first trial where hajime constantly repeats himself xD do you have a solution to this x) if none its fine too ^-^ i’ll be looking forward to this

    1. Hello, I brought up the same issue yesterday, he is checking it out, im happy to hear your enjoying it aswell

    1. By the way, was playing the prologue on my psp and went to check my pet (got the notification that it had hatched), I entered the gift menu, exited the menu and my psp froze. Just to let you know. This is a great project, keep it up 😀

  8. Hi its me again, just wanna tell you something i found, so i had two versions of sdr2, the jp and the one you are doing 🙂 on jp i reached the chapter 2, i tried and to play on your version and the whole chapter 2 is translated (y) well except for the class trial which is like on byakuyas case. but other than that, its all i can say im still rooting for your work ^^)

    1. I wanted to try this but didn’t have the time, but i suspected the same. The soundtrack playing during the first debate was wrong and hajime wasn’t even the one supposed to be saying the line, something probably got messed up in the files. Good find tho

  9. Please sir resolve the class trial issues . Game works fine but class trials don’t . Truth bullets are in Japanese

  10. Hello there, the translation works very good, and at least for me, it didnt crash at all.
    I was thinking if i can help with porting the english pc version to the psp, but not only testing, but actually helping you porting and fixing bugs, if for whatever reason you dont have a lot of time available, i could help in my free time

    Also im interested to know which tools you are using to decompress the files, and what i need to know to port it correctly

    I am glad to help you in this project, and sorry for any misspelling, English is not my native language 🙂

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