Temporary download link

I still work on this project, pretty much fixed the class trials, you can all expect a new release soon.

PSA: A guy named Wrecked Studio put a direct link to one of my files claiming that this is his project. It really feels sad, I put so much effort into it. Therefore, all direct downloads have been disabled until I implement a hotlink protection. You are free to share this project, but please don’t forget who the author is.

EDIT: 19/04/26 Wrecked Studios or YouTube themselves had removed the video. Thanks 🙂

8 thoughts on “Temporary download link”

  1. I honestly can’t thank you enough for whatever you’ve done. I do feel sad that someone is stealing your hard work but the few of us who are aware of this will definitely be supporting you. Once again, thanks for everything!

  2. It pains me too see this kind of people honestly, we still looking forward for your work! Thank you for all that you done, that dude has no friends and probably wants to boast off!

    1. There has been no update since September 30th so the answer is no. A new update is coming this summer which may have them fixed

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