Release schedule and an update about this website

I’ve decided to release new versions with all the current fixes every two months, since setting a goal and trying to fulfill it before making a release can take a long time (such as fully fixing class trials),  it is better to release new betas more often and get recent feedback.

As for this website, I used to have a blog at another domain,  but I decided to consolidate everything, so this website may see more content, not only about Danganronpa Project (my main fields are physics, servers, programming, and computer science, or just some stuff I find interesting).

The first bi-monthly release for August-September is coming either today or tomorrow, depending on how my build server performs.

4 thoughts on “Release schedule and an update about this website”

  1. I’ll be glad to give you constructive feedback. I don’t know when I’ll be able to give it though, since my job takes up most of my day and then there’s dinner and sleeping. I doubt I’ll be able to make much progress in the time I have between eating dinner and going to bed.

  2. Thank you sir. Really appreciate what you’re doing for the fans. Presumably thus kind of work would take an insane amount of time as well as skills.

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