Danganronpa 2 PSP English port has been discontinued

I am deeply saddened to announce that the project has been discontinued. I simply don’t have enough time to work on it and make updates or manage the website.

This domain may or may not host my future blog / website / something else

In case you want to reach me, you can do so by [email protected]

I may restart the project if I have more spare time, but I can’t say anything for sure.

August – September release

Here is the new release as stated in previous post. Took quite a while to build, the build server would really benefit a hardware upgrade.

This release has some missing translations added as well as quite a few bug fixed, class trials do occasionally work for me on my PSP (at least the first one), but sometimes they are buggy, I am currently investigating this issue and hope that in October – November release it will be fixed, finally.

You can download August – September release here

Release schedule and an update about this website

I’ve decided to release new versions with all the current fixes every two months, since setting a goal and trying to fulfill it before making a release can take a long time (such as fully fixing class trials),  it is better to release new betas more often and get recent feedback.

As for this website, I used to have a blog at another domain,  but I decided to consolidate everything, so this website may see more content, not only about Danganronpa Project (my main fields are physics, servers, programming, and computer science, or just some stuff I find interesting).

The first bi-monthly release for August-September is coming either today or tomorrow, depending on how my build server performs.

New release

EDIT 04/27/19: It seems that for most people Class Trials still don’t work as expected and the previous release worked better

Finally a new release! I implemented a few fixes and class trials are, at least partly, working. Class trials worked to me on PPSSPP, but didn’t work on a real PSP, I am currently investigating this issue and, I think, you can expect a release with fully working class trials this June or July. For the time being, I am releasing this, with many fixes, even tho the trials are not fully working yet.

I would like to thank everyone for their support. Also, Wrecked Studio from YouTube, you are a piece of garbage for stealing my work and presenting as your own.

You can download the new release here

Temporary download link

I still work on this project, pretty much fixed the class trials, you can all expect a new release soon.

PSA: A guy named Wrecked Studio put a direct link to one of my files claiming that this is his project. It really feels sad, I put so much effort into it. Therefore, all direct downloads have been disabled until I implement a hotlink protection. You are free to share this project, but please don’t forget who the author is.

EDIT: 19/04/26 Wrecked Studios or YouTube themselves had removed the video. Thanks 🙂

Regarding the Danganronpa 2 port and this website

I been receiving a lot of support for a while and would like to thank you all for that. Regarding the project, sadly there is not much new to show, I am very busy in real life. While I continue working on the project, I have not done anything significant. I really hope to finish the project one day, so stay tuned!

The domain will be changed some time soon to hm7.moe, as I feel this domain fits the ideas better than the current on. A separate download server is also coming to make downloads faster. Those changes are expected to be seamless and you should not notice them